Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Rose By Any Other Name

"The Soul of The Rose" or "My Sweet Rose" by John William Waterhouse

The name Rose comes from a Norman form of a Germanic name composed of the elements hrod meaning "fame" and heid meaning "kind, sort, type". It was originally spelled Roese or Rohese. It has been associated with the Late Latin rosa meaning "rose". It fell out of use during the Middle Ages but was revived during the 19th Century as a flower name.

   The name Rose in other languages:

Bryluen - Cornish
Gül - Turkish
Kolab - Khmer
Kulap - Thai
Mawar - Indonesian
Raisa - Yiddish
Rhoda - Greek
Rhosyn - Welsh
Rohese/Rohesia - Medieval English
Róis/Róisin - Irish
Roos - Dutch
Rosa - Latin, Spanish
Róża - Polish
Roza - Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Slovene
Rožė - Lithuanian
Rózsa - Hungarian
Rozenn - Breton
Ruža - Croatian, Serbian
Růžena - Czech
Vardo - Georgian
Vered - Hebrew

   Name days:

France: August 23

Rose is ranked #224 in the United States, #78 in England, #55 in Australia, #45 in France, #100 in Ireland, #67 in New Zealand, #55 in Northern Ireland, and #83 in Scotland

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