Monday, 5 May 2014


"Saint Ambrose barring Theodosius from Milan Cathedral" by Anthony Van Dyck

Origin: Late Latin
Meaning: "immortal"
Gender: masculine
Pronunciation: AM-broz

Ambrose comes from the Late Latin name Ambrosius which is derived from the Greek Ambrosios meaning "immortal".

Saint Ambrose was a 4th century theologian and archbishop of Milan. He was one of the four original doctors of the Church. He is notable for his influence on Saint Augustine.

   Related names:

Ambrogino - Italian (m)
Ambrogio - Italian (m)
Ambroise - French (m)
Ambroos - Dutch (m)
Ambrosi - Georgian (m)
Ambrosia - Greek (f)
Ambrosine - English (f)
Ambrosi├│ - Portuguese (m)
Ambrosio - Spanish (m)
Ambro┼ż - Slovene (m)
Ambrus - Hungarian (m)
Emrys - Welsh (m)

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