Tuesday, 6 May 2014


"Cloelia Passing the Tiber" by Peter Paul Rubens

Gender: feminine
Pronunciation: klo-EE-lee-ah, klo-EEL-yah, klo-EL-ee-ah, or klo-EL-yah

Cloelia is the feminine form of Cloelius, a Roman family name of unknown meaning.

In Roman legend, Cloelia was a maiden that was taken by Lars Porsena along with many others. According to Valerius Maximus, she managed to escape by swimming across the Tiber. Porsena demanded that she returned and the Romans brought her back, but when she returned Porsena was so impressed by her bravery that he allowed her to choose half of the remaining hostages to leave with her.

   Related names:

Clelia - Italian (f)

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