Thursday, 1 May 2014


"Morgan le Fay" by Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys

Origin: Old Welsh
Meaning: "sea circle"
Gender: Feminine
Pronunciation:  mawr-GAN-ə

Morgana is the femenine form of the name Morgan, which comes from the Old Welsh masculine name Morcant.

The most famous bearer of the name is perhaps Morgan le Fay, also known as Morgan le Faye, Morgane, Morgaine, Morgana and other names. She is King Arthur's half-sister and Queen of Avalon, the otherworldly Isle of Apples. A gifted sorceress and healer, she is sometimes considered a winter goddess of darkness and death, opposing Arthur, the Lord of Summer. Throughout King Arthur's reign in Britain, Morgan le Fay is often depicted as his enemy, often plotting his downfall. She was also one of the three women who took Arthur's wounded body in a black boat to Avalon following his battle against Sir Mordred's army.

In America, since the 1980's the variation of the name, Morgan, has been more common on girls than on boys, though it is not unheard of for the latter.

   Related names:

Morcant - Ancient Celtic (m)
Morgan - Welsh, English, French (m & f)
Morgane - French (f)

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