Monday, 5 May 2014


"Death of Saint Petronilla" by Simone Pignoni

Gender: feminine
Pronunciation: peh-trow-NIH-lah

The name Petronilla is a diminutive of Petronia, the feminine form of Petronius, a Roman family name which possibly comes from the Latin petro, petronis meaning "yokel".

Petronilla is the name of an obscure 1st century Roman saint, traditionally identified as the daughter of Saint Peter. This is the name of Eleanor of Aquitaine's sister, Petronilla of Aquitaine. It was also the name of the queen of Aragon. The Old French variation, Perenelle was the name of the wife and fellow alchemist of Nicolas Flamel.

   Related names:

Parnel - English (f)
Perenelle - Old French (f)
Pernel - English (f)
Pernilla - Swedish (f)
Pernille - Danish, Norwegian (f)
Peronel - English
Peronella - Catalan (f)
Petrona - Spanish (f)
Petronel - English (f)
Petronela - Romanian, Slovak, Polish (f)
Petronella - Dutch, Swedish, German (f)
Petronia - Ancient Roman (f)
Petronilla - Italian, Late Roman (f)
P├ętronille - French (f)
Petronius - Ancient Roman (m)
Peyronela - Aragonese (f)
Peyronella - Aragonese (f)
Pietronella - Dutch

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