Saturday, 3 May 2014


"Fair Rosamund" by John William Waterhouse

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: "horse protection"
Gender: feminine
Pronunciation: ROZ-ə-mund

In Medieval times, the name Rosamund was thought to be a combination of the Latin rosa meaning "rose" and the Latin munda "pure" or mundi "of the world", so it would mean "pure rose" or "rose of the world". Although it actually comes from the Germanic hros meaning "horse" and mund meaning "protection".

This was the name of the mistress of Henry II, the king of England, Rosamund Clifford, known as "Fair Rosamund" or "Rose of the World".

   Related names:

Ros - English (f)
Rosamond - Germanic (f)
Rosemonde - French (f)
Rosmunda - Ancient Germanic (f)
Roz - English (f)

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