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"Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian" by Il Sodoma

Origin: Latin
Meaning: "from Sebaste"
Gender: Feminine
Pronunciation: ze-BAHS-tee-ahn (German), sə-BAS-chən (English), se-BAHS-tyahn (Polish)

Sebastian comes from the Latin name Sebastianus which means "from Sebaste". Sebaste was the name of a town in Asia Minor, its name deriving from the Greek sebastos "venerable".

Saint Sebastian was 3rd century Christian saint and martyr. He was a Roman soldier, and it is said that he was killed during the Roman emperor Diocletian's persecution of Christians. He is the patron saint of soldiers, plague-stricken, archers, holy Christian death and athletes.

It was also borne by a 16th century king of Portugal who died in a crusade against Morocco.

   Related names:

Bastiaan - Dutch (m)
Bastian - German (m)
Bastien - French (m)
Boštjan - Slovene (m)
Sebastiaan - Dutch (m)
Sebastián - Spanish (m)
Sebastiana - Italian (f)
Sebastiano - Italian (m)
Sebastianus - Late Roman (m)
Sebastião - Portuguese (m)
Sébastien - French (m)
Sébastienne - French (f)
Sebastijan - Slovene, Croatian (m)
Sebastjan - Slovene (m)
Sebastyén - Hungarian (m)
Sepi - Finnish (m)
Seppo - Finnish (m)
Sevastian - Russian (m)
Sevastyan - Russian (m)

   Name days:

Germany: January 20
Poland: January 20
Poland: January 30
Poland: February 8
Poland: December 31
Sweden: January 20

Sebastian is ranked #64 in the United States, #41 in England/Wales, #77 in Canada, #39 in Australia, #13 in Austria, #5 in Chile, #97 in Croatia, #16 in Denmark, #352 in Netherlands, #58 in New Zealand, #6 in Norway, #37 in Poland and #61 in Sweden.

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