Thursday, 8 May 2014


Theoderic the Great

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: "ruler of the people"
Gender: masculine
Pronunciation: thee-AHD-ə-rik

Theoderic the Great was a 6th-century king of the Ostrogoths, ruler of Italy, regent of the Visigoths, and a viceroy of the Eastern Roman Empire. The Gothic original may have been Þiudreiks.

   Related names:

Dedrick - African American (m)
Derek - English (m)
Derrick - English (m
Diederich - German (m)
Diederick - Dutch (m)
Dietrich - German (m)
Teutorigos - Ancient Germanic (m)
Theoderich - Ancient Germanic (m)
Theodoricus - Latinized Germanic (m)
Theudericus - Latinized Germanic (m)
Þeutrich - Ancient Germanic (m)
Thierry - French (m)
Þiudreiks - Ancient Germanic (m)
Tiede - Frisian, Dutch (m)
Tielo - Medieval German (m)
Tilo - German
Tudor - Welsh
Tudur - Welsh

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