Tuesday, 29 July 2014


"Cinderella Castle" by Maja Wronska

Gender: Feminine
Pronunciation: do-nah-TEL-lah

Today my baby cousin was born, and her name is Donatella. To honour her birth, I decided to post this name :).

Donatella is the feminine Italian diminutive of the name Donato, which comes from the Latin Donatus meaning "given". The name used to be given to children whose parents waited at length for a child.

This is the name of Italian fashion designer, Donatella Versace. It is also the name of a character in "West Wing".

   Related Names:

Danuta - Polish
Danutė - Lithuanian
Donát - Hungarian (m)
Donat - Catalan, French, Occitan, Polish (m)
Donata - Italian
Donatello - Italian
Donatien - French (m)
Donatienne - French
Donato - Italian, Portuguese, Spanish (m)

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Lana Turner

Gender: Feminine
Pronunciation: LAH-nah, LAWN-ah

The name Lana can be a short form of either Alana or Svetlana. Alana  is the feminine version of the name Alan, which meaning is uncertain, though it may come from the Gaelic ailin meaning ""little rock" or from Breton meaning "handsome".

Svetlana is a Slavic name meaning "light, world". Lana is sometimes considered to be derived from Helen which means "shining, light". In Hawaiian, Lana means "afloat, calm as still waters".

The name became popularized by American actress Lana Turner. Elizabeth Grant used Lana for her stage name, Lana del Rey.

   Related names:

Alain - French (m)
Alaina/Alayna - English
Alanna - English
Alannah - English, Irish
Alen - Croatian, Slovene (m)
Allan - English, Scottish (m)
Allen - English, Scottish (m)
Allyn - English (m)
Alun - Welsh (m)
Sveta - Russian
Svĕtlana - Czech
Svitlana - Ukrainian
Svjetlana - Croatian, Serbian

   Name Days:

Latvia: September 28

Lana is ranked #412 in the United States, #208 in England/Wales, #100 in Belgium, #19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, #1 in Croatia, #42 in France, #46 in Netherlands, and #6 in Slovenia.